Tabisuke Tabizo_17 December 2016

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack. Part 3

We discovered a problem with the previous mock up we made regarding the harness. We affixed pads to both the waist belt and both shoulders which did create breathing space between the bag and person’s back. However due to compression of these pads when carrying the bag the distance created between the main back panel and the person’s back was not very effective. Therefore we decided to change the positions of these cushion pads away from the shoulders and instead onto the back panel right between the shoulder blades. In the end we created 3 different types of back pads using different materials to try out which is most effective.

Tabisuke Tabizo_3 December 2016

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Night Marina [The Tuck Wallet] [The Tuck Pouch]

Using our original color Night Marina we successfully created the Tuck Wallet and the Tuck Pouch. Inspired by the night skys looming over the marina in the coastal town of Zushi Japan, the dark blue Night Marina color simultaneously incorporates both depth and lustre. The fabric is the same acrylic fibre used in our Golden beach colored items and offers fantastic strength and durability while being soft to the touch and retaining the color of its dye. We love the contrast between the color and the feel of these items and this fabric works perfectly for the compact sized Tuck Wallet and Tuck Pouch.

Tabisuke Tabizo_20 November 2016

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack Part 2

In order to make a backpack without the discomfort and sweat build up from having it closely hug the persons back, you need to create a pathway for air to travel and allow the skin to breathe. First without sacrificing the shoulder straps and waist belt that provide stability we thought to make a firm back panel to provide shock resistance while walking with heavy loads and providing space between the persons back and the surface of the backpack. These 3 components form the base frame of our non sweat backpack. Using styrene foam and loose ends of cloth we tried making our first back panel!

Graphic Design_14 November 2016

Graphic Design_
Hair Salon (Kami to Shashin)

Our camera man friend Shu Tokonami’s wife’s creative hair salon ‘Hair and Photography’ recently opened in Chofu city’s sub district of Nishitsutsujigaoka in western Tokyo. Shu’s myriad of photos are exhibited on the walls as his stylist wife offers hair cut and colouring in this exclusive private salon. This is really a unique space with magnificent shots from around the world of Yosemite national park, El Capitan and JMT to name just a few. If you’re ever in Tokyo please drop by and check this place out.
Hair Salon "Kami to Shashin"

Tabisuke Tabizo_26 October 2016

Tabisuke Tabizo_
New Color Night Marina is perfected!

Our original new color ‘Night Marina’ has been perfected! We repeatedly carried out tests with both dyeing and fading fabrics in order to create a new color that can simultaneously possess both deep dark qualities while maintaining an aura of lustre and vibrancy. With the marina sky in the coastal town of Zushi, Japan hovering above the tranquil sea as inspiration, the unique dark blue ‘Night Marina’ color was born! The fabric is the same used for the ‘Beach Gold’, this acrylic fibre possesses unsurpassed strength and color fade. Incorporating the density of this fabric we perfected a natural feeling, soft to the touch yet durable material infused with a deep multifaceted color.

Tabisuke Tabizo_19 October 2016

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack. Part 1

The back pack is designed to evenly distribute your fatigue while at the same time creating a sense of unity with your body by letting your arms move freely. When carrying your possessions over long distances the backpack is the best tool available, however one simple problem always remains. In order to maintain stability of the bag when walking, it is designed to stick closely to the person’s back, which means it can be easy to sweat heavily and become damp and uncomfortable. Therefore we thought lets revise the way a backpack is made from scratch and find a way to reduce this stress and discomfort without sacrificing the natural sensation of unity between the backpack and the person carrying it. The journey to create the most ergonomic and breathable backpack begins.