HS Camera Insert

$85.00 ($42.00 = with "The Hook Shoulder Bag")

"HS Camera Insert" is a inner case especially made to match "The Hook Shoulder Bag" series.
By adjusting the removable partition plates, this inner case can be used for everything from
DSLR, mid sized video camera to compact camera.
With it's unique shape that fits perfectly inside "The Hook Shoulder bag" and with it's
firmness adjustable cushion, this bag is also good for belongings other than the camera.
Comes in 2 sizes one for "The Hook Shoulder Bag L" and other one for "The Hook Shoulder Bag M"

Partition plates can be adjusted using a guide,
making it good for cameras or wide range of other belongings.
Comes with 3 cushions with various thickness and firmness
that can be inserted from the zipped pocket to be adjusted to your needs.
All of Tabisuke Tabizo products are made to order.

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Also, please note that product design and/or specs may change.

  • Body : Acryl, Nylon, Polyester etc
  • Size L : W : 445mm, H : 290mm, D : 190mm, Weight : 950g
  • Size M : W : 380mm, H : 245mm, D : 150mm, Weight : 625g
cloths : MR.OLIVE
cloths : MR.OLIVE
Inside is covered with raised fabric and
a pouch can be added by option.
Zigzag shaped partition plates to match the shape of "The Hook Shoulder Bag"