cloths : MR.OLIVE
cloths : MR.OLIVE

The Tuck Pouch


Thin profile and 4 creases on the front delivers beautiful contrast in it's design.
Carefully sewed stiches on the side and gap on the top with no stiches.
We added beautiful design elements to otherwise plain pouch.
Though it's thin in profile, with it's A4 size and 4 creases on bottom, you can fit
everything from guide book and passport for your trip, or business documents
and everyday belongings for your daily life.

Drapery and creases on front and stichless gap on top
adds beatiful contrast and functionality to this pouch.
Inside of this A4 sized pouch features solid core
and large pockets.
All of Tabisuke Tabizo products are made to order.

It will take approximately 30 days to deliver. Delivery estimate will vary by product and by ordering status so please check with us using the form below.
Also, please note that product design and/or specs may change.

This product can be customized. Colors and materials can be customized. (only at our physical store)

  • Body : Acryl, Nylon, Polyester etc
  • Size : W : 345mm, H : 250mm, D : 45mm
  • Weight : 250g
cloths : MR.OLIVE
cloths : MR.OLIVE