cloths : MR.OLIVE
cloths : MR.OLIVE

The Tuck Wallet


Bills, coins, cards, iphone, ipad mini to cigaretts. you can fit everything inside "The Tuck Wallet"
"The Tuck Wallet" combines the functionality of the wallet and pouch into one, making it suitable for
iphone plus or ipad mini and includes wide pocket for bills and small pocket for coins.
Also, a pocket with solid core perfect for parking ticket and other belongings you don't want to bend.
With it's thin profile, unique 4 creases and detachable shoulder string,
"The Tuck Wallet" is perfect for both everyday use is as travel friendly purse.

Unique creases increases volume of the pouch
while maintaining it's thin profile.
4 pockets all together including
a pocket for bills and coins, 2 zipped pocket
and a large pocket good for ipad mini or iphone plus.
All of Tabisuke Tabizo products are made to order.

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Also, please note that product design and/or specs may change.

This product can be customized. Colors and materials can be customized. (only at our physical store)

  • Body : Acryl, Nylon, Polyester etc
  • Size : W : 295mm, H : 160mm, D : 37mm
  • Weight : 200g
cloths : MR.OLIVE
cloths : MR.OLIVE
Large pocket with Velcro inside fits cigarette box
or other goods with thickness.
Backside features 2 holes for a string to be
used as a shoulder bag.