Tabisuke Tabizo_December 2017

Making Walking Shoes for Backpackers. Part 2

Work on the second sample for our Walking Shoes has been completed. In order for us to confirm whether we have effectively implemented the improvements we wanted to make on our first sample we will carry out a walking test. For the temporary sole of the shoes we chose to use the Vibram 2021 standard model. Our primary aim for our new Walking Shoes is to create a product that has “a perfect fit” “feels like walking barefoot” and “a natural forefoot landing”. To test if we have realised this goal we want to test them over a long period and a long distance. We will set off on a 30Km walk!

Tabisuke Tabizo_December 2017

Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Back Pack part 15

We are currently re thinking the design of the Waist Belt. After trying out our production sample Waist Belt while commuting to and from work we got the impression that it is a little too big and bulky for easy everyday use. In addition, although the fit around the pelvis is excellent, it can also become an obstacle when riding a bicycle. If we can make it smaller, thinner and less conspicuous, while still providing excellent support to the pelvis, that would be the best possible solution. Therefore we’ve decided to re start design on the Waist Belt. We are currently searching for the most effective solution for improving the fit, beginning by implementing a thinner cushioning material and inserting slits into the material as shown in the visuals above.

Book Design_December 2017

Book Design_ Cinefex final issue

The Japanese branch of Cinefex has been close as of this months final issue number 47. As a speciality magazine regarding VFX in the movie industry Cinefex’s well thought out and informative articles reached an apex and thus the timing for the announcement of its closure came about. As the age of print seems to be coming more and more to an end we can’t help but feel a little sad but it cannot be helped. For people who are interested in the backstage action of Hollywood movie sets and the thoughts and opinions of directors and creators as well as the creation of VFX we cannot think of a more fitting publication. It is still possible to purchase any of the back catalogues for Cinefex so we highly recommend it to interested parties.

Tabisuke Tabizo_December 2017

Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Back Pack part 14

In order to amalgamate the previously designed metal frame and string Back Panel with the Pads, Harness and Waist Belt we adjusted the construction. The Back Panel has a main outside structure made from a spring material and a sub frame on the inside, which imitates the shape of the spine using a mesh and cordura combination. This is a mechanism that allows all of the parts to be installed. We are hoping that the double structure of the frame and the subframe (both arc shape is different) can act like a spring and a shock absorber. The visual also gives this impression and shows our intentions clearly.

Tabisuke Tabizo_November 2017

Making a Tote Bag Sample Part 4

Making a sample tote bag that meets our desired criteria in terms of weight is proving a challenge. For an everyday use bag we felt that it feels too heavy and cumbersome to we decided to try and make a newer lighter version. For the outer material we change it to the same ultra thin Cordura Lip used in our previously sold out Component Pack. For the lower portion we changed from leather to a medium thickness Cordura. On top of that we added some of our recently completed color concho’s. We’re pleased we managed to make a lightweight back that’s rain proof and suitable to be used as outdoor gear. It will be on sale in the near future.

Tabisuke Tabizo_November 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo Original Parts (Color Concho) Part 2

We have finally finished work on the Alluminium Color Concho. Due to the design the Concho took quite a long time to make it into full production. The design has many fine details and if there the paint is applied too thickly even by a small measure the texture and roughness of the concho will be lost. In order to ensure the evenness of the painting it took a lot longer time wise than we initially anticipated. The effort was worth it though and we’re very pleased with how the concho has turned out. As always we’re very thankful for the support and high quality craftsmanship of Komogawa Metalworks. The concho will be available in beige, khaki, red and black.

Tabisuke Tabizo_November 2017

Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Back Pack part 13

We encountered a major problem with the newly made back panel from our previous blog. According to Komogawa Metalworks, who we commissioned to make the frame, making this type of frame by hand will likely be very difficult and will require a metal mould. We thought that’s not the end of the world but we really wanted to come up with an innovative idea to clear this hurdle instead. So we came up with a design that made the frame from round bar springs reinforced by tying string like fibres on the inside of the frame, a little like string art. Compared to our previous designs this is even more lightweight and breathable so the next stage will be to make a prototype.

Tabisuke Tabizo_November 2017

Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Back Pack part 12

To prevent stuffiness and sweat accumulating the most important aspect is the back panel, therefore we began re-modelling this section. In order to compensate for the lack of strength last time, we planned to change the material to a stainless steel spring but the drawback is that the spring material is easy to twist to the left and right. Therefore we made the decision to create a frame around the edge of the back panel to help provide further support. By creating a hole in the panel and threading the round bar spring through the hole so it twists around the frame we believe we can maintain the elasticity and spring of the material but prevent it twisting so easily. If we use the correct materials we believe it should work well so the next stage for us will be to tackle creating the spring.

Tabisuke Tabizo_October 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo Original Parts (Color Concho)

The Hook Bag series key point from both a function and design standpoint is the [concho]. We are currently developing light weight and color versions of this heavyweight silver part. This newly developed concho is made from aluminium to reduce weight and we use bake coating to achieve different color variations. We intended to use the same painting method to color the original tack buttons however it created a mat texture that doesn’t resemble metal so this is something we will consider re-desiging and look forward to the challenge of perfecting this also. All our currently under development light weight bags will use this newly developed light weight concho from now on.

Movie_October 2017

Movie Production Marmot [The Best Insulation] part 3

We have completed work on [the best insulation] Down movie production for Marmot’s PR use featuring pro snow boarder Sachi Tanaka. This shooting was a lot more difficult than initially expected as the incredibly soft down material moves even with the slightest breath. However this actually lead to an excellent shooting as the natural movement of the down translating well to camera. We used lighting from the ground to deepen the shadows and really accentuate the rise and fall of the material while use slow motion editing to highlight this point even further. Ms Tanakas comments during the interludes are as to be expected very interesting so please check them out.

Tabisuke Tabizo_October 2017

Making a Tote Bag Sample part 3

The current stumbling block for us in making a tote bag that we really want to use a reality is the pocket. Although the volume of items stored in the pack will vary per person we think that a just about fit will be best. Therefore we decided to use our previous experience from selling the ‘The Component Pack’ and affix a ‘just about’ sized pouch with velcro. As was to be expected this was no easy task. After taking into account my smart phone, keys and wallet we attached 3 additional pockets but with that our final tote bag sample was completed! Release date and price will be announced at a later time.

Tabisuke Tabizo_October 2017

Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Back Pack part 11

Were now onto the second half of the pad making. To explain in detail will take far too long so we will try to summarize and keep it simple.
(1) First we pour the silicone around the mother mould that we made the previous day. After leaving to rest for 24 hours we then remove the model.
(2) Next we pour the extra flexible urethane into the model and leave to set. Remove this after 24 hours and the pad is then complete. We have managed to summarize this complicated process into 2 very basic steps however this actually consists of about 20 smaller stages and from the beginning of making the mother mould it will take about 3 days to have the finished pad. Next step is tackling the back pad!

Web Design_October 2017

Web Design Marmot [Kakuhata Yuusuke (Polar Night) Philosophy of Exploration]

We only touched on it briefly in our previous blog posts, NHK publications Editor in chief Matsushima Toshiaki has published on Marmot's site a column detailing following the exploits of Kakuhata Yuusuke’s polar night explorations and the philosophy behind it. Matsushima continues to produce riveting pieces effectively translating the experiences of real life adventurers and the use of technologies within these environments that inspires us to further develop or own products. How does Matsushima unravel the tale of a polar land of eternal night with the adventuring philosophies of Kakuhata? This column is an absolute must read!

Web Design_September 2017

Web design for Le Coq Sportif [Wallpaper]

Illustrator Yutaka Nakagaki created a design for Le Coq Sportifs website as a downloadable wallpaper. The illustration is packed with images of people and cockerels doing whatever they like, including many minute details. Its very easy to lose track of time as your finding different small details and characters within the illustration. The plan for this project was to have 6 different artists created unique cockerel images. Mr Kitazawa Heisuke, Saito Yusuke and JERRY among others assisted in creating unique cockerel designs. Please check out the site and download the wallpaper to see for yourself.

Graphic Design_September 2017

Graphic Design Pamphlet [Sifu]

As a design company we have been creating and selling bags for over six years now. One of the bag craftsman who has also supported us from our inception has recently decided to take on a new challenge. This is to develop new cloth made from fibres and thread created from Japanese traditional paper. The challenge to spread this new type of fabric technology is something we know very well, having experienced many ups and downs ourselves since creating our own original designs. Without a doubt there will be many hardships along the way but as long as the Sifu team works hard and always faces forward the journery will be more than worth it.
Sifu[manyside Co., Ltd.]

Tabisuke Tabizo_September 2017

Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Back Pack part 10

We have now started our 4th trial production focusing on our Achilles’ heel the pad. Our main point of improvement this time is a reduced and miniaturized size and simple shape. First we need to make a new mould from the original mother mould in which to pour the ultra flexible urethane. For the mother mold we created it by cutting the clay with a file. We placed the pads on both shoulders from right to left so of course we need 2 mother moulds for this. Unfortunately the amount of money required so use a 3D printing technique was over our budget so I preserved by carving by hand end eventually after great pains and tribulations the mother mould was finished.

Tabisuke Tabizo_September 2017

Television interview TVK (neko no hitai hodo Wide)

We were recently interviewed by Japanese daytime television program (nekohita). It seems there was a submission made to the program about our store saying “i'm always passing by but I have no idea what this place is?”. The store introduction was about 7 minutes long. We wondered if 7 minutes was really enough time? At the same time as being naturally nervous about being part of such a television production we watched the broadcast….We were relieved to find that both the shops concept and the items came across as easy to understand for the audience. It was a very well edited production so we would like to extend our thanks to Izumi san and the director Takeuchi san.
neko no hitai hodo Wide

Tabisuke Tabizo_September 2017

Making a Tote Bag Sample Part 2

Continuing on from our previous endeavours, our goal is to make a tote bag that we ourselves would like to use. To that end we want a bag that is “large and can fit a lot insisde”, “usable during rainy weather”, “you can put damp items inside”, “even with a small amount inside it won’t lose its shape”, “it won’t hurt while wearing it on your shoulder” “pockets to store whatever you want securely” and “simple without extra decorations”. Therefore it would be better to not use a logo print right? Therefore we decided to use the same material as from our ‘Seat Bag series’. We haven’t had the chance to make what we want yet but the path to our goal is now a lot clearer.

Movie_August 2017

Movie Production for Marmot [The Best Insulation] BGM

In the our previous blog post we introduced the web movie we produced for Marmot titled [The Best Insulation]. For this movie we sampled Swedish rock duo I Used to Be a Sparrow’s [Life is Good] song for the movies BGM. We really felt that the winter season, outdoor feel of the song really complimented the content of the PR movie perfectly. The movies content was also excellent, from the pro snowboarders and artic explorers accounts to the detail of Marmots specialized insulation but we also want to highlight this artist and really recommend you to check them out and give the track a listen.

Web Design_August 2017

Web Design Marmot [The Best Pants]

We recently worked on the web design for Marmot’s 2017FW project. We have begun by introducing 3 different pairs of Marmot’s specialized trekking pants. The web production features movies explaining the specifics of the Marmot Trekking Pants as well as a 360 degree rotating visual presentation not often seen within the industry. This visual features a gradually rotation through 24 different angle cuts of the pants plus a cartoon representation to explain the main points of the item. It is even possible to simulate the colors of the pants so we really recommend you to please check it out.

Tabisuke Tabizo_August 2017

Making a Tote Bag Sample Part 1

After sewing, turning inside and out and choosing an appropriate position for the logo we completed our first sample. This is a bag we didn’t think we could positively make until now without fully comprehending the production process and having a clearly visible design. After this initial experimenting with design put our collective earnest efforts into creating this tote bag. We made free use of remaining fabric from [The Seat Bag] and with the creative mindset of not just a daily use tote bag but one that can be taken on long journeys and travel we designed this large size tote bag. We first want to try to make a tote bag that we ourselves want to use!

Tabisuke Tabizo_August 2017

Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack Part 9

After the previous test for the joint sample combining the harness, waist belt and back panel, the shape of the pads attached to the harness and the production and design of the waist belt remain as an issue. Starting first with the waist belt design we created 3 different types of cushioning to support the pelvis and also made the weight smaller and lighter. Now featuring an adjustable cross belt that allows you to fasten without losing the 3 frame support. Next up is our current weak spot, the pad!

Movie_August 2017

Marmot Movie Production [The Best Insulation] Part 2

Continuing on from the previous day Kakuhata spoke in greater deal about exploring the dark reaches of the artic circle and we therefore decided to film a separate episode further chronicling this series of events for the Marmot website.
The interviewer was Matsushima Toshiaki from NHK publishing who has edited and worked on such works as the non fiction chronicle of the search for the lost Honduran civilization [The Lost City of the Monkey God] and running bible [Born to Run]. The interview was also compiled into a text account of the 80 days Kakuhata spent exploring the northern artic circle and the effects of prolonged living with no daylights. For those that love adventure it’s a must read!
Kakuhata Yusuke Blog

Movie_August 2017

Marmot Movie Production [The Best Insulation] Part 1

We recently completed production on the long running outdoor brand Marmot’s 2017 FW press movie. The movie was directed by Kakuhata Yusuke and featured pro snowboarder Tanaka Sachi, explaining the key features of Marmot’s specialised insulation. Kakuhata’s movie started with an explanation of the Insulation Jacket but he went on to further explain about exploring the northern reaches of the artic circle wearing Marmot’s insulation jacket as protection against the harsh environment and the dangers of a world that is permanently night with no daylight. It’s a fascinating movie so we highly recommend checking it out.

Tabisuke Tabizo_29 July 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Making Walking Shoes for Backpackers. Part 1

We recently completed work on the first sample of the Tabisuke Tabizo Walking Shoes. These shoes are being created for travellers and backpackers who walk for long distances and for a long time. We want to create shoes that give a natural sensation of walking, almost as if you are barefoot and walking in your natural state. There are two different types of sole and the main body material can be chosen between leather or synthetic materials to match your preference. We plan to sell these at our shop space and also at an exhibition event where we will take orders. The plan is to launch next Spring, however first we want to refine the design and carry out some walking tests outside so we can perfect our first walking shoe series!

Tabisuke Tabizo_29 July 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack. Part 8

We completed the prototype by attaching the cushion pad below the neck and right in between the shoulder blades as you can see in the picture above. The moulded Polyurethane foam was wrapped in a stretchy mesh fabric and installed attached to a temporary back base along with the harness. This was then attached to the waist belt (also a prototype but we’ve decided to elaborate on this design in the future). Its now feeling like were finally close to completing our dream back pack. Even if there is still a little way to go, we can’t wait to be able to carry this on our backs and take it around the world!

Book Design_27 June 2017

Book Design_
Cinefex No.45 Completed

Recently the design work on Holiday movie visual effects introductory magazine Cinefex No. 45 was completed. This issues special theme is the Star Wars Rogue One movie. This was the most recent Star Wars addition and this covers a lot of backstage news from the making of the film. Of course the equipment, facilities and the techniques used are all key components of how these films are created but we feel that the true worth of the creator’s intention really shone through in this edition of the magazine. We really respect that the simple design doesn’t distort the intention of the creators. This magazine is perhaps difficult to find in normal bookstores so for those interested please visit the public web address and order your copy now.
cinefex No.45

Tabisuke Tabizo_15 June 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Custom Order [The Component Pack]

We completed work on the custom order lightweight day pack [The Component Pack]. We changed the outer face and the pouch into our new night marina fabric as well as changing the size of the pocket to accommodate the customer’s wallet. We are planning to renew the design for the Component Pack so we will no longer be taking orders for the current model. We are also taking custom orders and alterations on other bag models with exception to changing the size of the main body of the item. Please feel free at anytime to ask us about our custom orders.

Tabisuke Tabizo_1 June 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Season Visual Photo Shoot is Finished

At Miura peninsula in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan the Tabisuke Tabizo season visual photo shoot took place. Due to the vast experience of the photographer Shu san who has worked all over the world including L.A and thankfully clear weather, the shoot was a resounding success. We would like to give our thanks to the combined efforts of Shu Tokonami, Nishizawa Tamaki on hair and make up and Japanese culinary enthusiast Tom as our model. We bought the vintage style frames in the above picture at the Brant store in Japan. The owner of the store is a really interesting character so we fully recommend any one visiting Japan to check it out!

Tabisuke Tabizo_15 May 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack. Part 7

Previously we made the decision to change the design for the pads, this lead to many twists and turns regarding the material to use. However we eventually settled on using high quality polyurethane. This is the same material that is often used in keyboard palm rests and its key feature is having low recoil. Therefore it’s famous for its high durability while being able to maintain its original shape even after extended use. After testing the various types of cushioning for their softness and durability we then decided to adopt the polyurethane material. However its production is far from simple as it requires hardening from its liquid state and therefore requires significant time investment. This is perhaps the only real weakness of the material.

Tabisuke Tabizo_12 May 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Mr Olive

For our season visual photography shoot we were searching for clothing to suit our bags. At that time our model Tom said that he knew a great mens fashion brand that would fit the image perfectly, Japan made ‘Mr Olive’. Luckily Tom was friends with Mr Olive’s press representative so he exchanged our contact details and we quickly got in touch with Mr Teshima who is based at Mr Olives Daikanyama Tokyo press office. He talked us through which items would match well beginning with some great fitting denim and adding shirts, jackets and accessories that really compliment the Tabisuke Tabizo bags. Mr Teshima’s passion for the clothing really built up the excitement within us to make this our best photo shoot to date!

MOVIE_10 April 2017

Movie Shooting for Marmot
[Dance with Rain]

We recently finished the filming for American outdoor brand Marmot’s 2017SS PR movie. The movie featured one to one interviews with four different international qualified mountain hiking guides on how they choose their preferred rainwear products. Within this we focused on a review of the lightweight rainwear coat [Zero penetrate Jacket]. Renowned shoe maker Gohou Kentaro san carefully explained not only about the materials used but instead focused on how; in relation to the idea and design the future of light weight items may change. An incredibly interesting interview and we highly recommend you to go check it out.

Tabisuke Tabizo_15 March 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack. Part 6

Tabisuke Tabizo_10 March 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Custom Order [HS Camera Insert]

We have completed work on the special custom order of an inner case Camera Insert for our Hook Shoulder bag. The order was made using our original night marina colour fabric for the outer shell with a pocket on the back wall lining to insert an Ipad Mini along with a partitioning board to create an upper and a lower compartment. The photo on the right hand side shows the HS Camera Insert inside the Hook Shoulder Bag. We’re accepting custom orders at the store except for body size alterations; please feel free to contact us at any time.

MOVIE_3 March 2017

Proffesional Tennis Player Watanuke Yousuke and Norton

Le Coq Sportif’s 2017SS press release movie has been completed! The film paired up professional tennis player Watanuke Yousuke with Portuguese rock band Norton’s danceable track, combining supple, flexible motions with a lively upbeat atmosphere. Watanuke san’s toned muscles and the natural exciting rhythm of Norton’s music creates a movie that will make you feel refreshed. Note, the advertisement will run until the end of August however the soundtrack can be purchased via Japanese distributor [This Time Records] so please check it out!

Tabisuke Tabizo_12 February 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
[The Hook Day Pack]

We have completed the compact sized [The Hook Day Pack]. Relative to the weight that’s being carried the pouch area can be regulated by adjusting three darts that are inserted into the side. The main body is a hard type that wraps so that it can easily accommodate up to 18L. It has also been fitted with our back panel pads to avoid excessive sweating by creating breathing room, meaning it can be used all season, every day. The price for the basic bag is $380.00.
The Hook Day Pack The Hook Day Pack

Tabisuke Tabizo_19 January 2017

Tabisuke Tabio_
Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack. Part 5

We have now completed our intended mock up of a breathable non-sweat backpack that does not closely hug to the persons back by redesigning the 3 main components, the harness, waist belt and the back panel. With the support and continuous cooperation of metalwork manufacturing specialist company Kamogawa metal works, we finally created our final back panel mock up. However due to the soft aluminium base, the shape cannot be maintained when working with heavy loads so we need to consider a replacement material. The next step will be testing a stainless spring material.

Tabisuke Tabizo_8 January 2017

Tabisuke Tabizo_
Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack. Part 4

By combining the 3 major components of the backpack, the harness, waist belt and the back panel the joint mock up has been completed. As we moved the position of the pads from the shoulders to between the shoulder blades, even with the harness tightened we need to maintain the breathing space from the back panel of the bag to the person carrying it. This is where a new problem emerged, this time with the harness. Due to replacement of the fabric and change to the design the form of the backpack has changed. When the harness is tightened with the belt to closely hug the persons back, the harness at the chest area became bent and no longer a good fit. So we took this lesson and went back to the drawing board one more time to create our next mock up!