Tabisuke Tabizo_March 2018

TABISUKE TABIZO_Special Production “The Seat Bag”

As a special production item for our regular valued customer from the days we had a store in Kamakura we produced a limited variation of the Seat Bag using Leather for the flap portion. In the leather flap we stamped the customers initials plus the logo for Tabisuke Tabizo. As our orders for leather work have increased we also introduced the use of the hot stamp machine the other day. This special production of the Seat Bag is the first item to be stamped using our new hot stamp machine. Handing our long term patron such a unique and special product was a special memento for all of the team here at Tabisuke Tabizo.

Movie_March 2018

Movie Production_Marmot “ZERO Pattern”

We finished production on Marmot’s 2018SS PR movie. The theme this time was “Zero Pattern”, Marmot’s special internally developed pattern for lightweight outdoor wear. To put this into simple movie terms, this is more like CG than live action! We were aided in the creation of this production by an introduction to a specialist by the editor of Cinefex magazine. The movie includes commentary from Marmot staff and features the garmets on wire frame, clearly defined in CG. Please check it out!

Tabisuke Tabizo_February 2018

Tabisuke Tabizo_Making Walking Shoes for Backpackers. Part 3

After completion of our second samples and subsequent testing, we have found our new area of focus to improve the design. The fit and durability of the shoes is not a problem, however one of our initial design principles “a natural forefoot landing” is still not quite as precise as we would like it. Therefore we have taken on board the suggestions from expert shoemaker Gohou Kenataro who has been assisting in the products development from the start. For the production of the third sample, we will review the shape of the sole and rigidity of the body and aim to create a natural forefoot landing. The current schedule is to complete this by Golden Week.

Web Design_February 2018

Web Design_le coq sportif “DESIGNING WOMEN.”

We completed design work on the female oriented web page for le coq sportif’s. Pro tennis player Hibino Nao, cylcist Hashimoto Yuya, dancer Ami and kickboxer Kobayashi Manazou gave us their comments individually and is a must see for anyone that tends to give up easily. The 4 athletes explain the power they take from continuity and in not giving up. If you read about the experience from first competing and why they continue to strive forward, maybe you can take some positive points for your own life. After reading the articles make sure to watch the PR movie to see their skills and development first hand!
le coq sportif

Movie_February 2018

Movie production_le coq sportif “DESIGNING WOMEN.” Part 2

For this movie we decided to try using chroma key filming for the first time. We filmed the four different people against a green back and then replace the background with different images during editing. There is a lot of challenges associated with this type of filming for example cutting and clipping the models hair, the spokes on a wheel and the racket strings, but eventually editing was completed. The BGM used in the movie is Portuguese rock band Norton’s track called “Magnets”. The calming rhythm of the music mixed well with the lively movements of the 4 athletes performances. The Movie is currently released so please check it out.

Movie_January 2018

Movie production_le coq sportif “DESIGNING WOMEN.” Part 1

We recently filmed a PR movie for le coq sportif’s 2018SS collection for women. “Tennis”, “Cycling”, “Kick Boxing”, and “Dance”. We filmed 4 difference female athletes from these sports individually and then edited it together into one cohesive film. Even though this was a filming production, being able to see the pro athletes skill up close and personal was a real honour. Watching their movements we couldn’t help but feeling envious of their abilities and wanting to try for ourselves. We hope to share this feeling with the viewers through our work on this production.
le coq sportif

Tabisuke Tabizo_January 2018

Tabisuke Tabizo_Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack part 17

We finished work on a new sample for the waist belt. In order to protect the breathable aspect of the bag design we have now made the back pads into a fan shape. The side part of the waist belt has been made a thin as possible thus making it shorter and more compact. The nylon belt which is made to slant diagonally plays the role of maintaining the shape of the pad while firmly supporting the pelvis. This design method has now been decided but unfortunately we are still tackling with the problme created by the production of the back panel alluded to in earlier posts. It seems as if there will still be some time until the bad is fully completed…..

Tabisuke Tabizo_January 2018

Tabisuke Tabizo_Making a Non-Sweat Breathable Backpack part 16

An everyday use Backpack without a sense of discomfort and an impeccable fit. With these two conditions as the pillars of our design we reviewed the cushioning material used to make the waist belt. Until now we had a single unified design but now we have decided to separate the use of materials into two parts, which areas need to be thicker and which areas are more important to achieve the perfect fit. Plus we added slits into the sides of the cushioning materials on the side of the waist belt and made the bottom half thinner. Through trial and error we have managed to get a perfect balance between a thinner easier to use design while maintaining a good fit and protecting the air space between the users back and bag which is so integral to the overall design.