Shopping Guide

Placing an Order

To make an order please click on the button labelled [confirm this items price and delivery period] which will take you to the [order page]. Then please click on the [make order] button to place your order. After confirming the order we shall notify you via e-mail of the total price including shipping as well as the schedule for delivery.
You can also place an order via telephone, e-mail or fax.

  • By telephone or FAX (+81)046-884-9533
  • By Email
  • We try to reply as soon as possible, but due to holidays and other uncontrollable circumstances it might take a while longer. If you don’t hear back from us within 2-3 days, please call us at Phone

Payment Methods

[Domestic]by COD (Cash, Credit Card or Debit) / by bank transfer (pay in advance)
[Overseas]Credit Card

  • [About COD(Collect On Delivery)]
    The driver will collect the payment upon delivery. You can choose between cash, credit card, or debit card for the payment. COD charge will be determined by the total amount, and we will inform you in our Email reply.
    *Please be advised that you will be responsible for paying COD charge.
  • [About bank transfer payment.]
    Please be advised that you will be responsible for paying bank transfer charge.
  • The shipping price is based on the total price of the items being purchased, and location of shipment.
    We will inform you with the shipping price in our Email reply.
  • All shipping and handling fees as well as any charges incurred that relate to import tax and duty will be the customer’s responsibility to pay. The shipping fee and import tax will vary based upon the country or region being shipped to and the weight of the item.

About Delivering

All of our items are made to order; therefore it usually takes between 60 and 90 days from the time of order to delivery.
Based upon the order being made the times can vary, we will notify the customer via e-mail regarding the production and shipping plan after the order has been taken.。

About Our Products

Please understand that price, design or product specification might change due to changes in material pricing and or other factors.
We will notify you of any differences in the item from the pictures posted on the website via e-mail.

  • Since all of our products are hand-made, there may be some minor scratches or spots. Also, please note that there may be some neps, color irregularities, and creases due to characteristic of the materials we use.
  • Color of the materials we use may differ slightly depending on the date and a lot it was produced. Please understand that there is no difference in quality of the material.
  • All of our prices includes taxes.

Returns And Exchanges

As the items are made to order, we cannot accept refund requests after payment has been received.
If the item is defective, please return to us within 7 days of receipt of shipment.
Upon returning, please Email us or call us beforehand to start the process.
We do not accept returns or exchanges other than damaged or defective products.

Also, we can not accept returns under these conditions.

  • Item has been used.
  • Item has been damaged or altered after delivery.
  • After 8 days of delivery.

Technical Stuff

  • Price shown is is our standard price as of April 2018
  • Actual product color may differ slightly from the photograph shown, due to lighting conditions and difference in monitors.
  • We do not accept using, copying, altering of any texts, photographs or illustrations in this website or in our digital catalogue.