NOTATION  based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Operating Officer
Takahiro Sato
〒249-0006 Kanagawa-ken, Zushi-shi, Zushi 1-10-26
(+81) 046-884-9533
Displayed with each product. (Prices includes taxes)
Quantity of stock
From 1. All of our items are made to order, for estimated waiting times please check the item page.
Please be advised that customer will be responsible for shipping fee and COD charge/ bank transfer charge.
The shipping price is based on the total price of the items being purchased, and location of shipment. We will inform you with the shipping price in our Email reply.
[Overseas orders and shipping]
All shipping and handling fees as well as any charges incurred that relate to import tax and duty will be the customer’s responsibility to pay. The shipping fee and import tax will vary based upon the country or region being shipped to and the weight of the item.
Payment Methods
by COD (Cash, Credit Card or Debit) / by bank transfer (pay in advance)
[Overseas orders and shipping]
Credit Card only.
All of our items are made to order; therefore it usually takes between 60 and 90 days from the time of order to delivery.
Based upon the order being made the times can vary, we will notify the customer via e-mail regarding the production and shipping plan after the order has been taken.
Returns and Exchanges
As the items are made to order, we cannot accept refund requests after payment has been received. If the item is defective, please return to us within 7 days of receipt of shipment. Upon returning, please Email us or call us beforehand to process return. We do not accept returns or exchanges other than damaged or defective products.

Also, we can not accept returns under these conditions.
  • Item has been used.
  • Item has been damaged or altered after delivery.
  • After 8 days of delivery.
In case of emergency
System may shut down under some unexpected circumstance, and it may take a while to recover.