Design & Make

We do everything from graphic design, industrial design, web design, to making movies.
We design anything that interests us.
We also are craftsman who writes, sew, and shoot films with our own hands.


Our office is located at quiet sea side town of Zushi.
Zushi is located between Kamakura (known for vaious historical sites) and Miura peninsula (known for it's beautiful hills).
Since Zushi is easily accessible from Tokyo, this town mixes both the rich nature and the urban life style.

Tabisuke Tabizo

From easily adjustable belt to cover that opens with just your fingertips,
we come up with new functions that we'd like to use
through repeated trial and error and numerous prototypes.

Tabisuke Tabizo show room
Address/ 249-0006 Kanagawa-ken, Zushi-shi, Zushi 1-10-26-3F
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Holidays
Shop hours/ 13:00〜18:00

Show room opens by appointment only
Please make an appointment with the contacts below.
Tel/ 046-884-9533 Tel/ 046-884-9533

We don't offer parking, please park at paid parking facility nearby
Trade Name/sonicbang co.,
Established/ March of 1997
Address/ 249‐0006 Kanagawa-ken, Zushi-shi, Zushi 1-10-26
Tel/ 046‐884‐9532
Capital/ 10 million yen
Representative/ Takahiro Sato
Banks/ Yokohama Bank Zushi Branch, Yachiyo Bank Jiyugaoka Branch
Business outline/ Planning and creation, designs in general, photos and movies, planning and selling bags and miscellaneous goods.