cloths : MR.OLIVE
cloths : MR.OLIVE

The Hook Shoulder Bag M
Color : Beach Gold


Troublesome opening and closing, loud Velcro noise. Adjuster that needs too many steps to adjust.
Shoulder belt only good for one shoulder... these are the down sides to messenger bags
that we resolved in "The Hook Shoulder Bag"
Concho-string system displays beautiful triangle shape,
and is easy and quiet to open and close the bag.
2 metal fittings on the belts can be adjusted with just 2 actions,
holding the user's body firmly on either belts.
Beautiful design with full of new ideas, that's "The Hool Shoulder Bag"

2 metal fittings on the belts holds user's body with
either shoulder belts.
(This picture is "The Hook Shoulder Bag L")
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  • Body : Acryl & Velour, Nylon, Polyester etc
  • Concho : Silver
  • Size : Approximately 12L,
  • W : 480mm, H : 270mm, D : 160mm
  • Weight : 845g
cloths : MR.OLIVE
cloths : MR.OLIVE
Confortable fitting shoulder belt with classical felt pad.
(This picture is "The Hook Shoulder Bag L")
Luggage space of 12L in volume and
pockets on the side with large opening
makes it perfect for one day trip.
(The lining may change to other fabrics.)
(This picture is "The Hook Shoulder Bag L")
Back of the body features
large pocket that easily fits ipad mini.
(This picture is "The Hook Shoulder Bag L")
Rubber string can be "hooked" to
our original concho that resembles ocean, waves and the sun of Zushi,
to close the front pocket.
(This picture is "The Hook Shoulder Bag L")